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Check out what is NEW this year at Comprehensible Cascadia 2019!

Calm, Mindful, Focused: CI Instruction designed for real teachers at Comprehensible Cascadia this July in Portland, OR.

Tina and I are super busy preparing for the July conference in Portland OREGON and this year will be the best yet! Here are just a few highlights that I am excited about:

  • KARA JACOBS, my partner who co-created the student guides for El Gran Hotel and El Internado, will be coming from New Hampshire to share her experiences bringing the worlds of “authentic resources” and comprehensible input together. Kara will lead six afternoon sessions including a detailed lesson on how to bring in any video and make it completely comprehensible to your students.
  • Cameron Taylor, one of the true Jedi Masters of the One Word Image and author of the “Square Peg, Round Hole Book” is coming from Japan to share his strategies. Are you sinking in endless demands by admins to justify everything you do with edubabble? Cameron has the expertise to cut through the BS so that you can satisfy your administrators while focusing on what is truly important in your classroom. Cameron will also be sharing his hard-earned tweeks to making One Word Images work double time in the hardest of classrooms.
  • Ben Fisher is pure electricity. He is one of those teachers that I find myself unabashedly trying to imitate. His afternoon presentations focusing on body and voice will help even the most bashful teachers develop a commanding presence in the classroom.
  • Asiia Karriem, an award-winning elementary CI teacher from Atlanta GA, will lead a group to focus on how to implement CI practices in the elementary classroom.
  • We have morning language labs in lesser taught languages so that you can experience language acquisition as a student. If you have attended in previous years, come try a different language! All of our teachers bring a different set of skills and a different model of how to take the basic toolbox of CI skills and make it your own. Choose between Korean, ASL, Cherokee, Scots-Gaelic and German.
  • Tina and I will lead several afternoon sessions for pure beginners to CI so that beginners get the firm foundation they need to start the year right. You will leave this week with a full CI toolbox of techniques to have your best possible year in 2019-20. I will also present my newest library of maravillas, a wonderfully quirky collection of Latin American cultural tidbits embedded into a fully CI presentation that I have been collecting all year long. I have met teachers who base their entire year around the maravillas, and for good reason: they are marvelous!
  • A Friday POST-CONFERENCE workshop focusing on HERITAGE LEARNERS. Come work with me for a day as I thoroughly describe my approach both to teaching a course for heritage learners AND how I differentiate instruction for the heritage learners in my regular classes.

There is so much more going on at Comprehensible Cascadia 2019, including the morning language learning labs (which I personally think are the most powerful demonstration of how to bring all of these techniques together into one coherent practice) and an incredibly complete pre-conference workshop dedicated entirely to working out the kinks in your classroom pleasure reading program. Check out the whole schedule by following this link.

See you in Portland this July!

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