Weekly Spanish Classes Online

Autumn Spanish Classes for adults– Tuesdays online –live & recorded

This is a course for adult learners.  Every Tuesday evening we will watch and discuss a portion of a popular TV show in Spanish (El Internado). Over the years my students –beginners and intermediates– have experienced incredible success with my unique approach to this highly addictive series. Extra activities for practice outside of class are included.

Recordings of each class are available during the 10-week sequence, then erased shortly thereafter.

I have successfully taught this series to highly diverse classes with beginners, intermediate students and even heritage learners all in the same classroom!!! I am really good at simplifying the plot so that you can watch with ease and acquire a ton of Spanish from the experience. Expect frequent pausing as we discuss what is happening, co-write descriptions of the scenes and complete activities together. Click here to sign up.

There is no effort to censor the original video which contains brief nudity and foul language.
For that reason, this class may not be suitable for teens.

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