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3 Projects that Build Community

Throughout my career there has often been one underlying theme characteristic of the teaching projects that I undertake: the effort to build our teacher community of CI teachers. Sometimes my initiatives just don’t resonate or inspire colleagues like I wish they would (I’m talking to you, cartoon library!), but there are three projects that constantly get thousands of people cycling through. If you are new to the CI community, or if you just haven’t been hanging out in my little corner of the internet, check these out:

The Massive Worldwide Map of CI Training Opportunities: Nothing helps develop solid skills like face to face training. Luckily there are workshops happening all over the world. If you are a CI presenter and plan on giving a training, no matter how small, please reach out so that I can place it on our map. Please include the title of workshop, name of presenter, address where the workshop will take place, and a link so that people can learn more and register.  mikepeto AT gmail DOT com

CI Teachers Get Local: A list of local CI groups all around the world. There are good reasons to be active in your local CI community. Have you ever been on a hiring committee hoping to get a CI teacher, but couldn’t get the word out to any CI teachers? Or wanted to bring an expert presenter to your school, but your school alone could not afford the cost? How about arrange a classroom visit for an interested colleague, but you have no idea if there is a CI classroom within a 20 mile radius of your school? Want to see CI techniques that you have not implemented but there are no funds for attending any of the big summer conferences? Maybe you are stuck in a drill & kill school and would love to know if there are any CI schools nearby… there are lots of reasons to go local. Want to add your PLC? Email me at mikepeto AT gmail DOT com

Sarah Breckley has started a map of CI schools which is another great way to connect with your local CI community. If you want to add yourself to her map, submit your information here.

CI Reading: I believe that our community is better off when CI teachers are not only reading a lot in class, but also publishing their unique class created novels so that the rest of us can have huge class libraries that reflect the wonderful diversity of experiences that occur in our classrooms. Karen Rowan has been instrumental in working with teacher-authors to help them develop books for language learners that are high quality. My initiative with the CI Reading website is to publicize independently published language learner literature so that these books do not get lost in the infinite space that is I also add links to authors pages so that you can get the best price. A big hint: most authors offer the best price from their author website. I update CI Reading once new books come out unless it is by an unfamiliar author, in which case I buy a copy and read before promoting it to make sure that inappropriate books are not added to our classroom libraries. Yes, that is unfortunately a real need!

In addition to the indy authors, Martina Bex and I collaborate to maintain a huge list of ALL of the language learner literature written by authors who are either CI teachers or who are well-aware of the needs of CI teachers. Therefore if you are looking to build you classroom library but feel frustrated because you cannot find the ONE list with EVERYTHING, look no further! You can find a link to that massive list on the lower right margin of CI-Reading.

Do you have a new book coming out that you want people to know about? Email me at mikepeto AT gmail DOT com and if you are a new author, please send me a biographical sketch so that I can add you to the “About the authors” page. I want people to know that we are real teachers too!


    1. Send Sarah a note on Facebook– we both don’t open our maps because information gets accidentally erased if we do.

      1. Okay, I have added a link (above, in the text) to the google form that Sarah uses to add people to her map.

  1. Hey Mike! Gracias por esta información y todas las ideas y los recursos que comparte en su sitio web, me han ayudado bastante desde que empecé mi vocación de maestra de español (y francés).

    I will be emailing you about writing a CI Novel; in about a month or so, when I am on spring break and have some time on my hands!
    Saludos desde Vancouver, Canadá.

  2. This is an AWESOME resource! I was JUST looking for this exact book list today. Seriously. We have a CI group in Cincinnati bee are petty tight knit, yet always welcome more. We are trying to take over our corner of the world.

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