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2019 CI Writer’s Group Now Forming

Do you want to Write & Publish your own CI novel?

The 2019 Spring/Summer CI Writer’s group is forming NOW!! Join me for six months as I work on my third novel; let’s share the frustrations, find our ways over the roadblocks and get these novels on paper! Join our weekly conversation and get inspired. Every Wednesday at 9pm Eastern Time, from March 13 until August 14th. Let’s get our novels on paper.

This group will meet on Wednesdays at 9pm East Coast Time (of the US). Last year we tried to schedule different sessions for different time zones, meeting once per month, and I think that prevented us from getting into a flow and developing a cohesive group.  This year I have scheduled a meeting every week. You do not have to attend every meeting (although I would like it if you did), but there will be a regular group meeting that you can attend to help troubleshoot and gain inspiration. I hope that you’ll feel comfortable discussing your writing once a month and come to hear other writers discuss their writing on the other meetings of the month.

These are some themes that may structure our conversations, if we find them useful.

March: Generating ideas with students, keeping it comprehensible. Do the hard work in class!!!

April: Developing a plot outline, enjoy the process of creating little scenes with your students. Explore while keeping it comprehensible in class.

May: Creating tension from the first chapter. Focus on creating lively characters.

June: Rewriting without the students; keep the greatest ideas and bravely cut the rest.

July: Sharpen the emotional impact of your novel, restructuring a confused plot.

August: What to do before you publish, a checklist to make sure your novel is really ready.

Update March 4:
The Spring/Summer Writers Group is now full. There will be another group starting in August, or perhaps earlier if there is interest. If interested please subscribe to my blog so that you’ll be the first to hear about it when the new group starts.


  1. Hi Mike! This is such an amazing opportunity! I am a French 1 teacher and I’ve always wanted to write a CI book that speaks to my kiddos. Do you know when your next section will open for enrollment? Many thanks!

    1. Soon, and it will take place during Autumn semester. Follow my blog because they fill up within a few days of being announced.

  2. Hello,
    I am very interested in this workshop, but I have no experience writing a novel. This is a dream of mine, but I never have the time to get into it. I teach middle school Spanish, and we just started a 8th Heritage Honors class this year.
    We just turn to a fully CI teaching approach this year, I atended NTPRS18 over the summer and turned key to our faculty. My only concern are, 1. I am going abroad for vacation (Colombia), internet is not an issue there, as far as I know, but can that be a problem? What if I cannot connect to the meetings while there? 2. I have no experience at all?
    Please advice.

    1. No need to attend every meeting! Each meeting is part gaining inspiration, part interacting with others going through the same process, part discussing our writing. The big commitment that you will have to make is to scheduling time to write.

  3. Hello Mike,
    A colleague and I are looking forward to your March workshop here in our backyard! We’re FLES (Foreign Language in Elementary School) Spanish Teachers for Arlington Public Schools. My colleague Mindee, and I have enjoyed collaborating, even though we’re in different schools, and we’ve often thought about writing our own book. We write our own stories and of course create them with our students too.
    As I’m reading the Writing Workshop description, firstly it sounds AMAZING! It also makes me want to be sure that our elementary writing would be appropriate for the workshop, as our focus is on preK – 5.
    What are your thoughts?
    Mindee and I really look forward to the training days and meeting you in March.
    Thanks Mike
    Beth Romero

    1. Yeah!! We need more elementary texts! I am currently working with Tina H. to better provide for the lowest reading levels, and I would love to work with you on texts that work preK-5.

    1. It will be in a zoom meeting online. If you have never used zoom, it is like Skype but more stable, made for business meetings.

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