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What do I do with the Write & Discuss after we are done?

So, you talk in comprehensible language throughout your class period and end each day with a Write & Discuss activity to cement all that oral language into your students brains. So, what do you do with the written summary once you finish class? Just erase the board? NO! Watch this, it will change your teaching life!!:)

Click here to download a simple cartoon template, even better than the old one that I posted last year on my website.

4 thoughts on “What do I do with the Write & Discuss after we are done?

  1. Just started doing this in my french Class and it is worth the effort – good stuff!

  2. […] just started to use write and discuss, so I like Mike Peto’s cartoon idea for post write and […]

  3. So when you staple a packet, is that the 4 different stories from the day or different drawings of the same story?

    1. On Monday I will grab the ones worth saving and staple them all together in a group or two… not much thought goes into it. Just a varied packet of student created stories.

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