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The newly designed website

A few years ago my wife earned a doctorate in California and found a position on the East Coast. We decided that I would stay in Californiareb y mike 1 until I got a new position as well. I started my blog, My Generation of Polyglots, to showcase why a district should consider hiring an experienced teacher. I knew it was going to be difficult; with many years of experience, a Master´s degree and 50 additional graduate credits I knew that I would be at the top of any salary schedule… superintendents often look at my CV and say that they could hire two teachers for the price that I would cost. Nonetheless I thought that there must be some district that would value me if they could just see all that I would bring to their department.

reb y mike 2Over the years I have certainly attracted attention and I have mentored many new teachers online. Districts have invited me to give sample lessons on the pretext that they were interviewing me for a position; they film the lesson and then use it to train their new teachers! At this point my wife and I have spent three years apart, and it is taking a toll. I have decided that we are not going to spend a fourth year apart, even if I have to leave the teaching profession. I have redesigned my website so that there is a Teachers Pay Teachers component associated with content for El Internado… not a complete solution to the unending question of what to do with my life, but it is something. Although I may be somewhat ambivalent about my future as an educator, I suffer absolutely zero ambivalence about the new Internado activities that I will be rolling out over the next few weeks. These activities are designed to leverage the power of comprehensible reading in order to transform a compelling class activity into a supercharged language acquisition tool. They are more complete than ever, and I also have branched out to create activities for an entirely different (but perhaps more school appropriate) series, Gran Hotel.

The activities that I have posted for teaching my novel Superburguesas are still freely available, and always will be. I have also kept a good deal of my TPRS and TCI lessons freely available. Finally, I have redesigned each theme page so that readers can quickly locate relevant information I have posted about FVR, teaching heritage speakers, classroom organization and other teaching observations that I have made. I hope you continue to find My Generation of Polyglots to be a useful blog to follow.

Mike Peto

3 thoughts on “The newly designed website

  1. That is such an awesome decision! I know that it is hard between creating things for everyone and wanting to also earn some money based on your hard work. I will definitely be a customer!

    1. Thanks Maris, I have been torturing myself over this. In the end I have decided to group the supplemental materials together in free packages so that this is still affordable for everyone.

  2. You have created WONDERFUL resources! I know you’ll be successful on TPT. I’m happy that you and your wife will be together again! My husband and I experienced that for almost a year because of work, and it was very difficult! All the best to you and your family!

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